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Ph.d. study
Helps your

Life science ph.d. study

Set up the patient flow in our intuitive web-based system. Decide rules for every patient contact point and automatically collect data. Manage simple randomization as well as stratified randomization. Perform separate analyses on substudy populations.

Communicate with your patients and collaborators and receive automated regular updates to you and your supervisor to ensure that you are always up-to-date.

Multicenter trial
Supports your

Large multicenter trial

Setup and coordinate a project that works seamlessly across multiple geographical locations. Have live access to your data and do exploratory analyses. Setup access lists so participating centers are only able to see their own data.

Prepare automated reports to various partners, e.g. progress reports and reports of serious adverse events, and receive notifications on where local training should be intensified.

Quality assurance
Empowers your

Local quality assurance

Use the Procordo Research Platform to unobtrusively monitor local quality parameters. Uncover bottlenecks with tracking of procedures and patient outcomes, and use our barcode scanning solution for tracking surgical implant quality.

Automate retrieval of patient-reported outcomes, and control patient flow for multiple patient subgroups. Prepare automated reports for local audits, and benchmarking programs.

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