Specialists in patient databases

Data solutions for the healthcare sector designed for and by clinicians

Automated, intuitive tools that provide enhanced understanding and reassurance throughout the patient's treatment trajectory

Quality monitoring and Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Incorporate patient's self-assessment of their condition through automated survey processes. Monitor the overall production quality

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Implant scanning

Unique barcode scanning system, easy to use and implement. Ensures traceability and enhanced patient safety

Clinical research

Management and control of clinical trials. Efficient recruitment through integration with other services. Easy to implement.

Procordo was founded by clinicians with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector. Since 2010, we have been providing comprehensive solutions to hospitals in Denmark and Norway

Comprehensive and well-developed PRO solutions

  • Costumized, ready-made solution based on specific needs and treatments
  • Procordo advises on questionnaire selection – has extensive clinical experience and PRO library
  • Procordo handles all configuration and implementation – no programming skills required
  • Fully scalable system from simple to highly complex solutions – can adapt to evolving needs
  • Full support and short response times

Benefits of patient involvement and PRO

  • Patients gain reassurance and security in post-treatment follow-up
  • Patients receive support in decision-making regarding treatment choices
  • Enhances dialogue between patients and healthcare providers based on informed decisions
  • Provides healthcare providers with readily accessible overview of treatment progress
  • Reduces workflow and potential errors in patient selection for follow-up
  • Minimizes duplication of work through seamless integration with national registries, for example

Implant registration with barcode scanning

  • Captures all details of each individual implant
  • Easy and process-friendly method, requiring minimal effort and time
  • Clinician-driven, taxonomic classification provides numerous tracking options for specific product details
  • Data extraction for reordering, invoicing, and inventory management
  • Ongoing update of product database

Identification of relevant data

Designing questionnaires costumized to the specific condition and the entire patient journey


Data collection

Automated contact process, PRO, and other clinical data


Data activation

Extraction of structured data, full integration with local and national systems and databases


Implant registration

Easy and comprehensive barcode scanning of all product information. Structured classification


Storage and security of data

Cloud-based, encryption, backup, and maintenance

Our customers say:

" Procordo's system for quality monitoring and implant scanning has streamlined our workflows and provided us with a better data foundation. Not only for quality documentation but also for enhanced dialogue with patients

Per Wagner Christensen
Chief Physician, Orthopedic Department, Sygehus Lillebælt

"At Aleris, we use Procordo's solutions for quality monitoring of our treatments. I find Procordo to be a good and flexible partner, focused on efficient and user-friendly solutions.

Bent Wulff Jakobsen
Medical Director, Aleris

" Finally, we can obtain meaningful data about the implants in the registry!
It has been fantastic to collaborate with Procordo. By making our process digital, we save time and data input is improved - strengthening the quality of our care for the benefit of patients.

Marianne Arner
Chairman, Hand Surgery Quality Register in Sweden (HAKIR)

Thank you to Aleris for collaboration on photoshoots at their hospital in Gentofte.

Security and compliance

Procordo is CE marked as medical software class I according to CE. Rule 12 Annex IX Directive 93/42/EEC (Amendment 2007/47/EC).

Procordo complies with the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a data processor and meets our customers’ specific wishes regarding. security to deliver, support and operate a system for collecting disease-specific data on patients.

Request a demonstration

We offer a demonstration of our software, providing an opportunity to gain insight into the system before it becomes an integrated part of the workflow in hospitals and related departments.

To schedule a demonstration, please book a meeting with us.

Quality monitoring and Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

barcode-scanner (1)

Implant scanning

Clinical research