The people behind Procordo

About us

The story behind Procordo is a simple one. Procordo was founded by a group of clinicians who wanted to make it easier for all of us to perform research in all areas of the life sciences.

We have for years been deeply involved in clinical research – both in the form of smaller personal projects, as well as part of large nation-wide collaborations.

Our software has grown and evolved from our own real world problems and needs. It is continually developed by active medical researchers based on the requirements of our collaborators and customers.

We know the pitfalls and problems that all researchers encounter and based on our combined experience we believe that we can help you in your work.

We help you

  • minimize the time spent on trivial bookkeeping of appointments and case record forms
  • maximize the available time for the core questions of the research project
  • improve communication between you and your collaborators
  • improve efficiency by using electronic case record forms or automated scanning of paper forms
  • retrieve patient reported data directly from the patient using various media
  • securely store your data

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